May 8, 2019 at 12:25 PM

You know what? Thankfulness, is never bad, is never just silly. 😇✌ ...and today, is "World Donkey Day"!

With that you heard right, the whole world is suppossed to celebrate donkeys on the same day. 😊😂 Surely, they are special, hard-working animals, enriching many people's lives by their very existence and are probably wholesomely appreciated by their owners. 🤔

So, let's appreciate the donkey that carried Jesus, today!
🐎 For, on his back Jesus was elevated for people to see. Far from his owner, we can't recall the donkey misbehaving. Instead, one hopes that he even trusted Jesus, as we should and continue to raise him high day by day, his message, his glory, for people to see. 💭

Have you ever thought about the donkey further as a as a humbling animal and fulfillment of a prophecy? 🙂