April 11, 2020 at 10:34 PM

“The Lord is risen indeed!” (Luke 24:v.34) These words proclaim the universal Easter faith which affirms the historical reality of Jesus’ resurrection. Our Christian belief rests on these three facts:
(1) The tomb was empty.
No adequate alternative to the resurrection has ever explained the disappearance of Christ’s body.
(2) The risen Lord was seen.
Those various different appearances do not fit with what we know about hallucinations.
(3) The disciples were changed people.
Only the resurrection can account for their amazing transformation.

From that first Easter Sunday morning, right up to the present day, Christians have continued to experience that mysterious transformation from doubt to faith, from cowardice to courage, from sorrow to joy. Easter 2020 will be an Easter Sunday like no other before it. We cannot sing the great Easter hymns inside our churches, but we can certainly still celebrate the joy of Christ’s resurrection. It has been suggested that we might take part in “Sing Resurrection”. This is planned for 10am on Easter Sunday as a “counter-infection” of joy and hope. We are encouraged to stand on our doorstep or balcony, in our street or in our garden, and sing two Easter hymns; “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” and “Thine be the Glory”. If outdoor choral renditions are not for you, then I have an alternative suggestion.

I guess that some weeks ago, many of you will have bought boxed Easter Eggs for your grandchildren, or young relatives. Sadly, delivering these chocolate Easter Eggs to your family cannot be categorised as essential travel, so they probably remain stored in one of your cupboards. Why not get them out, and whilst on your daily exercise walk, leave them on the doorsteps of your neighbours, adding an appropriate Easter greeting. (If you know the recipient happens to be diabetic, you could always substitute a few suitably decorated hard-boiled eggs).

“Then he (Peter) went back home, amazed at what had happened,” (Luke 24:v.12b). Go and spread the love and joy of Easter!